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IUSM Center for Proteome Analysis

Overview of Services

The Center for Proteome Analysis at the Indiana University School of Medicine provides protein and proteomic analysis services for protein identification, characterization, and quantification. The Center encourages collaborations that apply the tools of proteomics to cutting-edge biomedical research.

Our vision is to deliver value to our community as a world-class Proteomics Core lab providing services and collaborations to meet the critical needs of biomedical researchers in life sciences.

Our mission is to provide analytical resources for qualitative and quantitative analysis of macromolecules and to foster critical collaborations in proteomics and biomarker development.

For additional information please contact the Center for Proteome Analysis by clicking here.


Amber Mosley, PhD
Core Director


Location and hours of operation

Hours Location


MS 0032, Van Nuys Medical Science Building
635 Barnhill Drive
Indianapolis, Indiana, 46202


Links and Resources

  1. Proteomics Website
  2. The Mosley Lab


Name Role Phone Email Location
Amber Mosley, PhD
Core Director
MS 1021H
Emma Doud, PhD
Associate Director
MS 0030
Jaison Arivalagan, PhD
Assistant Director
MS 1005A
Guihong Qi, MS
Senior Research Associate
MS 0034

Service list

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