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Research Jam-Indiana CTSI Patient Engagement Core

Overview of Services

Research Jam is the Patient Engagement Core of the Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute. It is a multi-disciplinary team composed of health services researchers, communication experts, and visual design experts that use designers as research ‘translators’ to bridge communication gaps between researchers and various stakeholders (e.g., patients, health care providers, and community members). Research Jam uses a human-centered design research approach that maximizes stakeholder retention and results in interventions that are more relevant to the community. We engage stakeholders to explore, create & test solutions to difficult problems around health and wellness. We EXPLORE the topic from the stakeholders perspective, when the objective is to more fully understand patient-centered goals and outcomes. We also CREATE an intervention, an education piece, a communication method with the stakeholders. Finally, we TEST the feasibility of a product created during a CREATE engagement. If you see your project benefiting from an iterative approach, testing is a necessary engagement.



Sarah Wiehe



Gina Claxton

Associate Director


Location and hours of operation

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410 West 10th Street

Indianapolis, IN 46202

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