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Small Animal Ultrasound Core

Overview of Services

The Small Animal Ultrasound Core provides access to the Vevo 2100 high-resolution digital imaging platform with linear technology and Color Doppler.

The machine offers:

• 30micron resolution
• frame rates up to 1000fps
• Color and Power Doppler for blood flow quantification and anatomical identification.
• 3D Imaging and Volume Analysis
• Superb B-mode (2D) imaging with frame rates up to 1000 fps with multiple focal zones for enhanced image uniformity
• M-mode assesses motion in cardiovascular applications
• Pulsed-wave Doppler (PW) for blood flow quantification
• Color Doppler shows flow direction, mean velocities & identifies small vessels not seen in B-mode
• Power Doppler for relative quantification of blood flow
• Simultaneous modes and steering for easier & faster studies
• MicroMarker™ Contrast Imaging – for relative perfusion & targeted molecular data
• 3D Imaging, rendering, reconstruction & volume analysis

Probes Available:                                                                                                                                                                                              

    MS250 13-24 MHz
    MS400 18-38 MHz
    MS550D 22-55 MHz
    MS700 30-70 MHz


Equipment fees for Fiscal Year 2022-2024


  • Unassisted Vevo 2100 Imaging-$43.69
  • Training-$86.04
  • Data Analysis-$17.23


  • Unassisted Vevo 2100 Imaging-$75
  • Training-$100
  • Data Analysis-$25



P. Melanie Pride R. Mark Payne
Ultrasound Core Manager Ultrasound Core Director  


Location and hours of operation

Hours Location


External users: 9am-5pm               

1044 W. Walnut St
Indianapolis, IN 46202

Links and Resources

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  4. Visual Sonics Vevo 2100 Imaging System Manual
  5. VevoVasc Application Software
  6. VevoStrain Application Software
  7. Self-Use Data Analysis Software VevoLab
  8. Transthoracic Echocardiography in Mice Video


Name Role Phone Email Location
P. Melanie Pride
Ultrasound Core Manager