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Cancer Bioinformatics Core

Overview of Services

The Cancer Bioinformatics Core (CBC)/Collaborative Core for Cancer Bioinformatics (C3B) Core service for cancer center members are:

  • Consulting:

We’ll meet with you to help design experiments, answer questions and discuss the most effective ways to analyze your data.

  • Project work:

We can perform your bioinformatics analysis for you. We’ll arrange an initial consultation in order to understand your requirements and priorities and will then develop a plan to show you how we can complete your analysis. We’ll provide regular progress reports, and when the analysis is completed, we will provide you with all output files we have generated and ensure that you understand the meaning of the results. Furthermore, we’ll even help you write the Methods section for any papers or grants relating to the work.

  • Omics cancer study design:

We will work closely with you in order to design robust experiments to help you maximize your experimental success.

  • Public domain cancer data integration:

Phenotypic and functional heterogeneity arise among cancer cells within the same tumor as a consequence of genetic change. To explain your experimental results, we can develop novel data integration from publicly available omics databases to support your results.

  • Omics data analysis:

To assist with your grant writing or manuscript preparation, we can help you to analyze omics data, identify the pathways and biological processes most affected in the datasets and point out the key genes involved.

External collaborators are welcome to request with a lower priority.
Pricing is available once you have logged in to iLab.


Jun Wan, PhD | Core Director

Location and hours of operation

Location    Hours

410 W. 10th Street

Health Information and Translational Sciences Building

Suite 5000  

Indianapolis, IN 46202

   By appointment only

Links and Resources

  1. Bioinformatics Website


Name Role Phone Email Location
Sheng Liu, PhD
HS 5000